What WW Program Is Best for You?

Have you ever considered losing weight with WW (Weight Watchers), but unsure what program is best for you?

In this post, I am explaining the 3 different types of programs to choose from and what one I personally use.


  • This is the all-digital way to follow the program.
  • There are no meetings.
  • Consumers will have access 24/7 Expert Chat.
  • It is also the most inexpensive route if you are working with a budget!
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Personal Coaching (includes OnlinePlus)

  • Personal Coaching means that you will receive one-on-one guidance from a coach.
  • 1:1 sessions include phone calls and the ability to connect with your coach as often as you need.
  • People who sign up for Personal Coaching will also receive all the benefits of Essentials.
  • This is the most expensive program out of the 3, but if you thrive on one-on-one training, I would definitely recommend this option.

Meetings (includes OnlinePlus)…This is my program 🙂

  • With Meetings + Essentials, you will get guidance and motivation from a trained coach.
  • By attending the meeting, you will receive inspiration, support, and experience from the group. I personally love this part of my week.
  • Plus, they will also receive all the benefits of Essentials.
  • When it comes to price, this program is right in the middle. All are very responsibly priced. I think this program options gives you the most bang for your buck (but that’s just personal preference!)
  • Please note that this program is available in participating areas and the price varies depending on location.
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I hope this gives you more insight on the different types of programs, and will help you when making a decision.

For even more information, check our their website HERE.

3 thoughts on “What WW Program Is Best for You?

  1. I started out with Online, and then as I got closer to my goal weight I switched to Meetings, for added support / accountability. The added benefit of Meetings is that once you hit your goal weight, and maintain it for (4?) weeks, you achieve Lifetime status, and as long as you keep your weight no higher than 2 pounds over goal, you don’t have to pay! But if you are on the Online plan, there is no such benefit (you have to keep paying as long as you use it). The free aspect of Lifetime was a huge financial motivator for me to strive for my goal weight. [Note: This applies to US based plans, if someone is outside the US, it may work differently]

  2. I have been thinking of rejoining WW. I was an online member a few years back and it worked great at first, but I don’t do well without accountability. I didn’t even realize they offer personal coaching, that might be what I need. Thanks for the info!

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