Week 1: My WW Journey

Hey, how was your week?

I am happy to report that the start of my WW journey is off to a GREAT start! Week 1 was a good week, and I can say I successfully lost… 4.6 pounds! I am officially 77.8 pounds away from my goal weight of 155.

Weekly Recap:


  • I set myself up for success this week by preparing healthy foods that were easily accessible. I found myself munching on apple slices rather than junk food whenever I needed a snack.
    • I always make sure I have an abundance of zero point foods!
  • I also made sure to track every day to keep myself cognizant of everything I was eating.


  • A had few days this week that I felt really hungry and may have had a few too many Oreo thins than I should have (I did track them though).
  • I also did not have a chance to work out this week as I would have liked.

Goals for Week 2:

  • Go to the gym 1-2 times this week.
  • Try a few more recipes from WW.
  • Keep up tracking my food on the WW app.
  • Add in more vegetables to my “easy grab” snacks.

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