I’m Brooke & I’m Obese

There was something peaceful about writing that title. It doesn’t sugar coat the fact that my BMI is 37, and I need to urgently focus on my health before it’s too late.

I care about myself. I want better for myself. I NEED better for myself.

Sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. AKA – I’m a notorious emotional eater. I will find any excuse to eat my feelings. Not even the sad feelings, but also happy ones. It’s a tough truth to come to, but it’s part of my journey to get better. Food and I have a serious love hate relationship. I hate it until I get hungry, and then all bets are off.

So What’s the Plan, Man?

  • After many inconsistent attempts at trying Weight Watchers, I will rejoin and be consistent and proactive.
  • I will incorporate fitness into my life more than just becoming a gym rat. I want increase walks with my dog and focus on different kinds of fun activities like yoga and cardio drumming.
  • I want this journey to overall feel effortless and non-restricting. I want to be happy about what I am doing and what I am eating. Otherwise, old habits will creep back up.

There is something about blogging this journey that has me more inspired than just doing it by myself. I want my readers to not feel alone when they first start trying to lose weight and get fit. I want to share my success as well as share my failures with you (In hopes that you can avoid them).

From week 1 to week ?, I will share the meals I ate, the activities I participated in, and hopefully the weight I lost.

I look forward to all the positive changes, and hope you’ll tag along too!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed dietitian and this journey is done at my own discretion. Please consult your doctor with the best options for you, and please be safe.

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